Monday, May 24, 2010

Corruption, Malfeasance, and Tyranny

Another day of evidence of corruption and malfeasance by the administration and attempts by the left to demonize threats to their power. The previously known attempt of the Obama administration to bribe a congressman (Sestak) to keep him out of the PA Senate race against the favored Benedict Arlen Specter is back in the news. The continued attempt to demagogue the Gulf oil incident while doing nothing about it goes on. The left attempts to portray Rand Paul as a racist because he has the courage to challenge the illegitimate, unconstitutional portions of the Civil Rights Act. And nobody raises a peep about this administration actively participating in UN efforts to "regulate" free speech (what an oxymoron!) and supporting UN treaties which (if adopted by the UN) do not require Senate action and that would ban gun ownership by private individuals in America in spite of the Second Amendment under the guise of regulating "small arms trade" around the world. (Which, by the way, would primarily protect tyrants around the world from any grassroots opposition.) We must hope and pray that real "change" comes in November.

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