Sunday, May 25, 2014

Letter to Editor The Kentucky Standard refuses to print

To the Editor: It was interesting to read the account of Allison Grimes' campaign stop in Bardstown in The Kentucky Standard, May 18, 2014 edition. It was quite obvious that Grimes (and her small audience) accept the tired old Democratic canard that government can "create" REAL jobs as Grimes promised to "put people back to work" (something a US Senator has practically NO influence on). This comment coming from a candidate who has stated that she supports the Obama agenda, which has been the greatest job killer since the Great Depression, including an open "war on coal" which is devastating the job situation in much of Kentucky and the rest of Appalachia while driving energy prices constantly higher. The only jobs government can create require the taking of resources from the private sector (where REAL jobs are created) and putting people on the public payroll. Grimes goes on to state that as Secretary of State, she has "worked to promote business development". If so, then I suppose she must be given credit for the recent loss of almost 2000 jobs in Kentucky from Toyota in northern Kentucky and Fruit of the Loom in Russell County to more business friendly locations and the inability to attract such companies as Remington Arms which was anxious to move from New York and already has facilities in Kentucky. Instead, those 2000+ jobs went to Alabama which had no prior ties to Remington. The LAST thing we need in the US Senate is another Obama rubber stamp like Allison Grimes. Sincerely, Ronald D. Weddle, MD